MHHH - Monrovia Hash House Harriers

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Run #567 - Saturday February 11, 2017 - OUT OF TOWN

Meeting point: Lutheran Guesthouse, 2:00 pm - OUT OF TOWN (Read More)

Rules for an Organization with No Rules

The MHHH runs on the good nature and tolerance of the members and as such can be easily disrupted by a few who do not take to heart the good of the Hash. There are a few rules that the Mis-Management Committee request all hashers to respect.


  • When a person first comes to the Hash he/she will complete a registration form.
  • The registration form will have details of your contact email that will enable you to be informed about the Hash.
  • The first payment is 10 USD which includes a Hash T Shirt.

At the Hash

  • To enter the Hash run Hashers will pay 2 USD (or an amount determined by the Mis-management Committee), this includes the water. The fee must be paid before the run/walk. On Sundays the fee must be paid before leaving Monrovia.
  • The hash run/walk is conducted, which takes about 45 minutes.
  • The beer is 1 USD per bottle or can and soft-drinks are 50 cents.
    Please note that if the Hash is held at a bar: Not all local bars accept USD or will charge more if you do pay in USD. Some prefer to be paid in LRD. They may also require a deposit for the bottle.
  • All payments are in cash.
  • Sundays only: Hashers should bring food for 8 people.

On the Hash

  • All hashers must wear a Hash T Shirt on the run/walk.
  • If a hasher turns up to a hash without a Hash T shirt he/she will be expected to buy a new T Shirt (at 5 USD a piece).
  • In addition the hashers are expected to wear sports kit.

Hash Venue

  • The hash will need Hashers to volunteer to host the hash.
  • Hashers are urged to volunteer and provide the information to the GM or Hash News.

Laying the Trail

  • The hash always needs volunteers to set the trail.
  • But no hasher should set a trail without knowing the rules and markings.
  • Set the trail with the trail blazer to learn how to set the trail.
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