MHHH - Monrovia Hash House Harriers

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Run #567 - Saturday February 11, 2017 - OUT OF TOWN

Meeting point: Lutheran Guesthouse, 2:00 pm - OUT OF TOWN (Read More)

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Edition Friday 25 November 2016, 20 23
MHHH Run #558 - Saturday November 26, 2016

MHHH - Monrovia Hash House Harriers

The drinking club with a running problem

Hi Hashers and Hashettes,

Next Hash is SATURDAY November 26, 2016

A message from Mario Jose Guzman Oliveros, as posted on the Facebook group:

"Hello everyone! Let’s get out of town!

Join us Saturday November 26 for a run/walk/feast/bonfire/party at and around Silver Beach… Yeah… there’s a lot planned for that day. There is a wealth of information in this post, so read it carefully… I know… boring! Anyways.. here it is:

Meeting point: 15th street Sinkor sea side. All the way to the end of the street.

Transportation: There will be a party bus available for 30 people (well, a regular bus, but since it will be full of Hashers and beer, it can certainly be called a party bus). The bus will pick us up and drop us off at the meeting point. Since there is limited space, let me know as fast as possible whether you’ll be taking the bus with us.

Location of run/walk/feast/bonfire/party: Silver Beach Restaurant, Duazon

Time: Departure from Sinkor at 2:30pm and return to Sinkor at 10:00pm

Food and drinks: We’ll carry the Hash Cooler as full as possible, but in the likely event of us running out of beer/water, there will be drinks available for purchase. We’ll be eating there, so they have prepared several options for us. See the menu below and pick your favorite! Let me know which one you want because we need to let them know so that they can be ready for us.

Cost: USD 5 Hash Cash + USD 5 Bus + USD The price of your meal.

The plan is to get there around 3:30 and go for our customary run/walk. We’ll circle up around 4:30-4:45 and let the drinking begin! At around 6 we’ll feast with fresh made food and to cap it all, around 7 we’ll light the bonfire on the beach and party like it’s 1999!!… Uff… did that make me sound old? Whatever!

This is a Hash you don’t want to miss!

Remember, if you are interested in joining us, send me a message and let me know if you are taking the bus and what meal you want to eat that day."

Any updates will be available on line in the Facebook Group.

On! On!

Sander de Boer

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