MHHH - Monrovia Hash House Harriers

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Run #549 - Saturday September 24, 2016

Location: UN Drive between UNFP an UNHICR, Circle Up 16:50 (Read More)



The Monrovia Hash House Harriers, MHHH, a Drinking Club with a Running Problem, meets every Saturday at 4:45pm Liberia time. The runs start at 5:00pm. On the last Sunday of the month, the MHHH goes out of town and hashers get to spend the whole day out. Runners of all abilities are welcome.

Kindly check the MHHH Event Calendar on this site for the location of the respective weekly MHHH meetings and visit us on a regular basis for updates.

If you wish to receive the newsletter you should subscribe to the newsletter. It is an opt-in mailing list. We do not send unsolicited e-mail.

You can contact the Hash Management team through the mail form and a Hasher will be happy to read it and even reply.


Run #549 - Saturday September 24, 2016

We've been away for a while. The site was canceled but was reinstated upon request. It has taken some time because we needed to get our domain back.

Next Hash is SATURDAY September 24, 2016

Location:  At UN Drive between UNFP and UNHICR in front of the old US embassy.

If you need a lift contact the tel nos.

16.50 Circle up
17.00 On-On

The run/walk fee is $2.... and you get the pleasure of our company for free!

Come out and meet fellow Hashers. Take a run or walk.
Then enjoy a beer or a soft drink as the sun sets.

When you are lost call Teenie Weenie (Vera) at 0886 532 121 / 0777 811046, Vegemite at 0770 011 372 or Moby Dick at 0888 395 230.

On! On!

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